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OG Oil

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil

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Rosemary oil is renowned in the world of haircare due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties. It regulates the blood circulation to the hair follicles allowing more oxygen to stimulate your hair, resulting in faster and thicker hair. This nutrient-rich treatment can be used as part of your everyday hair care routine or as an intensive deep treatment to prevent damage for strong, lustrous hair with a fresh, invigorating scent.


  • Boosts Hair Growth
  • Prevents Thinning Hair
  • Fights dandruff
  • Protects from Damage
  • Reduces Hair Breakage
  • Revitalizes Hair Follicles
  • Repairs Damaged Hair

How It Works:

Treats Split ends

Our lightweight formula offers nourishment to the split-ends. Apply few drops to the ends of hair before you shampoo to soothe and smooth for a healthy, shiny finish that can be air-dried or styled as desired.

Nourishes Dry Scalp

This blend of over 30 essential oils and nutrients deeply penetrates the scalp, increasing circulation, addressing dandruff, and soothing sensitive skin. Additionally, it strengthens, lengthens, nourishes, and protects the hair for overall health and vitality.

For All Hair Types

Our multi-purpose Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil enhances the beauty of hair across all types, providing deep nourishment for hair ranging from type 3A to 4C, as well as chemically-treated strands, braids, weaves, and hair with both low and high porosity levels.

How To Use:

Apply a small amount of oil to your palm, massage it onto your scalp, and leave it for 1-2 hours. Then, rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo. Use conditioner for more sleek and silkier look.

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